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holy shit. i am an aunt! that is so cool...i'm sure tons of you out there have already experienced the aunt/uncle thing, but...I don't know, I'm a dork and I'm really excited about it. The baby (my niece!) is just adorable, and my brother makes a cute (albeit kind of young) dad. I just home he can figure out the deal w/ Jaime and that everything get's worked out. but i can't WAIT to see the baby! in person that is. she has SO much black hair. this is definitely not helping my recent baby lust. my brother keeps sneezing in his sleep. i got a great deal on some pants and thongs (which were sorely needed), and it's nice to have some new clothes. anyway, this is very docile and boring i'm sure compared to my other entries sooo i'm done!


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Mar. 16th, 2004 09:30 pm (UTC)
That is so cool. It's so amazing to see kids when they are all fresh and bright eyed. Looking into a baby's eyes is like being shot in the head with the sun. I really love children even though I know I can't handle them now, I hope I do get to a point where even if I don't want to have my own, maybe I can just be around them somehow for a little bit. They are so neat and floppy.
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