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damn this is a good mix CD. I can't remember if I made it or Sam did, but it's good either way. you better all have a DAMN fun st. patrick's day! DAMNIT! here, have a poem. but don't keep it. cause it's mine.

i had fun writing that in math class. i dunno, sometimes i really like doing rhyming, rhythmic poems. i'm not sure that they're that GOOD, but they can sound cool. i like this one, i guess mostly because i have a hard time doing story poems or poems about something i know little to nothing about, and this was just some random thing that popped into my head. so...yeah. it's fucking NICE out. and i'm really tired so maybe i'll sleep?

oh yeah, and the readaholic thing is because i finished choke on monday night. it took me like 3 days...not that it was an extremely long or challenging book, but i've just been reading like NO other. i have 3 books to read at any one given time. YES! literature ROCKS bitches. it's fucking ill. (ill is my new word. it's so wiggishly dorky, i love it)

Grandmother Time, Clock
By Quinn

Stroking her beard in a menial way,
old Misses Time rubs life into the day
with a triangle smile and
a withering gray,
she pushes out April and welcomes in May.

Working her way through a maze of old weeks,
earth on her ankle, five seconds will seek
to manipulate time out
of its grubby creek,
the hour glass, tilted, continues to leak.

With a quilt made of clouds, she gathers the sun
and parachutes upwards, weighing a ton
because past dates and minutes
in her gown are spun;
she lives in a million dats, not only one.

Kissing the forehead of each little star,
the sun touching down on a new land afar,
she offers the moon with a
face curled in scars,
and dreams of slow heavens, just as we are.


Mar. 17th, 2004 08:34 pm (UTC)
I liked it..especially the end. Your awesome quinn:)