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just got back from therapy. so i'm finally going to a psychiatrist to a) get officially diagnosed (as i could have one of 3 or 4 possible disorders, and I'd like to get some clarity on that) and b)to get medication. Because feeling suicidal this often is not okay, or normal, or fun. so yeah. I got rejected by this literary journal called "hazmat review". I'm not daring enough for them. so, as much as i'm trying not to take rejections to heart, sometimes i wonder if i should just quit writing, or at least lose the hope of getting published, cause there are TONS of good writers out there. what makes me any different? nothing really. nothing at all. i took a stupid online IQ test today and got 144. that's a point below genius. however, i'm very skeptical about the test's validity. but it'd be cool if i were really that smart. oh, and i need to finish watching cabaret. it feels like the weekend...i wish it were friday already. damnit, i NEED spring break.


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Mar. 22nd, 2004 01:58 pm (UTC)
Don't stop writing because you got rejected. And don't change your work to get it into a certain magazine. Oh, wait, why wouldn't some one change to have others like them more? It's not like you should write for your own enjoyment!
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